Chloë Joan López



Quelled Communiqu├ęs Elixir Press, forthcoming.


Quodlibet. Chapbook. Tuscon, Arizona: New Michigan Press, 2009.

Poetry Journals

"Starved above Ullensvang," Georgetown Review (forthcoming)
"Lines within the Body," St. Petersburg Review (2010)
"Felipe Arc-en-Ciel," Los Angeles Review (2009)
"Tulips for Simone Weil," Georgetown Review (2009)
"The Dark Ages," Spoon River Poetry Review (2009)
"Critique by Tiger," DIAGRAM (2008)
"We Think This, but Never Is It Seen," DIAGRAM (2008)
"The Night Citadel," Alehouse (2008)
"Today or Tomorrow," Mississippi Review (2008)
"Georgette," GSU Review (2006)
"Megan Dilligent," can we have our ball back? 15 (As Melissa Officinalis) (2003)
"Sonnet IX," The Harvard Advocate (1999)


Collected Body by Valzhyna Mort, in [The Rumpus] (2011)


Letter to the editor, Poetry (May 2006)


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